Why your relationship between Body and Mind are important

You might notice, whenever you are in the best of health both in body and mind you feel strong and confident.

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You might notice, whenever you are in the best of health both in body and mind you feel strong and confident.

But whenever you get sick, things change, and your mind becomes weak and less confident.  On the contrary, when you feel bad, your body is so weak and you start getting ill.

The mind controls the body and the body affects the mind too. Until you can completely control your mind then your body won’t affect your mind anymore.  Wouldn’t it be beneficial if you know how to keep your mind healthy

The campaign is an opportunity for individuals and companies to brag about their good works and state their ecological aspirations. It’s also a frontal attack on the residue of thousands of years of Western thought alleging human dominion over the earth as nature’s crowning species.

Meditation how it works?

Our human being consists of both body and mind. We usually take good care of our body but neglect the mind. The healthy person needs to maintain balance of body and mind.  Stresses and health problems are signs showing that the balance has been disturbed. We can help to restore the balance through meditation.

The mind belongs inside the body – Most modern people suffer because of external attachments. Most of the time their attention drifts out of control and goes outside their body.

Separation of Body and Mind –  Love and hatred pull the mind outside the body.

The Externalized Mind Brings Suffering – The only escape from stress is to bring the mind back inside the body.  Meditation can reduce stress because it brings the mind back into the body.

Bringing the mind back inside – The mind is a subtle phenomenon. To bring the mind back inside the body, we have to use the power of relaxation and imagination.   The mind needs a focus for the attention. The focus of the mind can be physical — e.g. the breath. The focus of the mind can also be imaginary — e.g. an imaginary crystal ball or imaginary sunlight inside the body. This is the linking factor which gradually reduces the amount of time the mind spends outside the body until, with practice, the mind will spend more time inside the body than outside.

The Happiness of having the mind at a standstill

Stillness of the mind has many levels.   Quietude is less than ‘having the mind at a standstill’.

There is a difference in meaning between the ‘quietude’ and the word ‘standstill’. Quietude is only a reduction suffering.  True stillness of the mind is qualitatively different.  Quietude will be familiar to all who have practiced breathing meditation — because following the movement of the breath never lets the mind be completely still. In order to achieve a complete standstill you must rest the mind gently as if it were completely empty, relaxed and contented.

The Consumption of Metabolic Energy:  The key difference between a mind under the sway of thoughts and a mind that has come to a standstill is that the latter consumes virtually no metabolic energy. When the mind starts to come to rest, it uses less energy; when it uses less energy, the metabolism is less; when it uses less metabolism, oxygen consumption is less; with less oxygen consumption, the breath is less; with less breath, the mind comes to a firmer standstill, the number of thoughts is reduced.   This cycle will continue until no thought remains.

The Results of the Cycle of Refinement:  When no thought arises any more and the breath is subtle, brightness inside will start to occur.  Brightness occurs automatically in the mind.  If the mind should become stiller than this, then the brightness will condense into a bright sphere of inner radiance.

The Secret of Bringing the mind to a standstill: To transform the quietude of the mind to a standstill you must simply allow the mind to rest.  You must use only the lightest attention.  You must not use any force.

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