The Story of Global Light of Peace 2017

The Story of World Peace through Inner Peace

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The Story of World Peace through Inner Peace
global light of peace 2017

Global Light of Peace 2017 or GLOP 2017 is the first international event of its kind to be held simultaneously in 6 continents from USA (North America), Brazil (South America), Spain (Europe), Mozambique (Africa), Philippines (Asia) to Australia (Oceania).

Global Light of Peace 2017

GLOP 2017 aims to promote peace and unity among people of different races and religions. We strongly believe that world peace is possible once every individual on earth attains inner peace, from common citizens to leaders of every nation. Through the daily practice of inner peace, each individual will be able to release stress and tension. They will experience a peaceful mind and a kind heart that will generate many innovative and powerful solutions to many difficult problems in the world. So, it is a vital mission to expand the knowledge about inner peace with we coin it, “Inner Peace Education” to the wider audiences in all parts of the world as soon as possible.

To prepare for such a unique event and movement, we started by finding the right people from all meditation traditions who are willing to work together to bring true and everlasting peace to the world. They came together at “Inner Peace Leader Retreats” held in 6 continents to meditate and did a workshop to localize “World Peace through Inner Peace Model” in each country in 6 continents. Then we called for “Partnership Signing and Press conference” in each continent to show our commitment for creating World Peace through Inner Peace to the public.

Global light of peace Australia
Philippines global light of peace
global light of peace 2017

On 5 September 2017, in celebration of “World Peace through Inner Peace”, more than 50,000 people both on-site and online through Facebook Live joined together in a simultaneous meditation session for 30 minutes and light up the light from inside to peace balls outside to create a special global peace moment for the world.


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