Retreat in 6 Continents

Meditation Retreat in 6 countries

August 26, 2017/0/0
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It is a vision of The Middle Way Meditation Institute or MMI that to bring true and everlasting peace to the world, every individual in this world regardless of races and religions, from regular citizen to the leader of the nation, need to experience “Inner Peace.” Through the daily practice of inner peace, each individual will be able to release stress and tension in life and open the door for “Wisdom and Compassion” to come in. When everyone attains universal inner peace, the lasting world peace is possible.

We believe that “Family” is the most important unit in society that will make a real and sustainable change in the world. If we can bring “Inner Peace” to every home on the planet, regardless of their races, nationalities, religions or beliefs, we are convinced that “World Peace” will become a reality very soon. At MMI, we have this basic idea that “Happy people tend to make other people happy, unhappy people tend to make other people unhappy.” Lots of troubles in the world are ignited by unhappy people (consciously knowing or not knowing). If those unhappy people do not have much power in their hands, they will cause small and medium troubles, at home, at the office, at school or anywhere else. But if those unhappy people do have lots of power in their hands economically, societally or militarily, they will spark such big troubles that will affect so many lives in society, nationally or even internationally like the economic crisis, war and terrorism that we have been experienced.

We strongly believe that to bring creative solutions and true lasting peace to the world, we need to make more and more people happy through the practice of inner peace. Once they are happy with inner peace, they will have a peaceful mind and a kind heart that will generate many innovative and powerful solutions to many difficult problems in the world.

Meditation Retreat in 6 Continents

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