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What are the differences of Happiness and Pleasure?

August 2, 2018/0/0/
Happiness and Pleasure

True happiness is easier to obtain than you might think. It is much easier than owning a dream house, marrying a dream girl, or getting a dream job, etc. Where is it? Why is it that everybody of every race and religion is searching for it, but few people have ever found it? True Happiness [...]


Why your relationship between Body and Mind are important

You might notice, whenever you are in the best of health both in body and mind you feel strong and confident.

July 30, 2018/0/0/
meditation graph info the middle way

Conservation International launches an awareness campaign called “Nature is Speaking” featuring stars such as Julia Roberts and Harrison Ford who personify nature. Will these videos actually change minds? Take a few minutes and listen to it.

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How to meditate with Venerable Burin Thitakusalo

An introduction to the Middle Way Meditation

October 27, 2014/0/0/

An Introduction to the Middle Way Meditation Now it’s inner peace time. It’s time to find peace and happiness residing inside every one through the practice of meditate.  You can start easily finding your comfortable position. Relax.…Relax your body, relax your mind. And slowly and gently adjust your sitting position to feel comfortable…..relax. Adjusting you sitting [...]

Dhamma, meditation